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Fulcrum Design is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in computer systems research, software development, and operational assurance for our clients across the defence and security sectors.

We extend, enable, and support our clients by researching, building, and delivering real-world capabilities for a wide variety of complex cyber security missions.

Fulcrum Design is a trusted local partner of our client organisations, underpinned by our proven track record in technical innovation, accountability, leadership, and mission-focused delivery. Our team of experienced professionals collaborate within a supportive, adaptable, principled, and people-oriented work environment built on transparency.


We are a Canberra start-up and a locally engaged company operating out of our secure office in Barton with a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Our team has a proven track record in technical innovation, leadership, and mission-focused delivery in computer security research and development over more than twenty years serving the Australian defence and security community.


Our services range all the way from open-ended research, through rigorously engineered product development, and on to on-site quality assurance and integration for our clients.

Our exploratory, research-focused development helps our clients understand novel problems, evaluate new systems, or get insight into the internal workings of modern platforms. We apply our research insights into capability development that is underpinned by our commitment to quality engineering practices. We take a hands-on approach to assisting our clients integrate our tools through training, capability adoption, automation into client systems, and technical advice to assist their operations and decision making.


We have roles available for all levels of experience from graduates or interns through to senior specialists.

We are always interested in hearing from people who enjoy getting to the heart of novel, complex problems and building pragmatic solutions. We offer a purposeful, mission-focused, and supportive team environment where you will collaborate with some of the most experienced practitioners in the industry.



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